Our Mission at SHIPMYNT

July 12th, 2016 by

Our mission at SHIPMYNT is simple: to make it easier for you to find trusted logistics partners to work with.


It all started with the belief that it shouldn’t have to be hard to find quality shipping partners. There should be an easy-to-use load board and tracking system available to everyone in the logistics industry at an affordable price. Out of these beliefs, the idea of a social network + load board + tracking system was born.


It is our desire that carriers and owner operators will be able to keep their trucks full and will never have to deadhead.  If you have booked a load to a certain city, you can use SHIPMYNT to set up notifications for loads that are posted to our load board originating in that city so you can line up a backhaul.


It is also our desire that shippers and brokers would be able to receive competitive quotes for their shipments as they build a network of dependable carriers and owner operators to work with. Once you have a trusted network established, SHIPMYNT gives you the option to post loads first to your private network of carriers, and then to the public network of carriers on SHIPMYNT.


There are many powerful features on SHIPMYNT that allow you to get the most out of building your network, posting, bidding on, and tracking loads. For a limited time, we are extending a full FREE 90-day trial to everyone so that you can experience SHIPMYNT for yourself.


We are just starting out, but it’s our desire to evolve with the needs the shippers, carriers, owner operators, and brokers that use SHIPMYNT. We welcome any feedback or suggestions you have to make this platform even better. Together, we can become a strong online community of trusted logistics partners.


Happy Shipping!



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