Exploring the Redesigned Cascadia

September 21st, 2016 by

On September 1, Daimler released the designs for the 2018 Freightliner Cascadia. Production on the truck will start in early 2017. Until then, motor carriers and drivers can explore the specifications for this new, aerodynamic semi-truck. Here are some of the top features that industry professionals can’t wait to see on the roads:

  • A new exterior body design. The truck features a sloped design for better visibility and a one-piece windshield to replace the older two-piece version. When drivers sit in the redesigned Cascadia, they will immediately see a difference when they look out from the driver’s seat.
  • Better fuel economy. Companies that invest in the new Cascadia will enjoy an 8% improvement in fuel efficiency. For the average passenger vehicle, this may not seem like a significant cut. Considering the number of miles truck drivers travel each day, an 8% gain represents significant savings.
  • An improved driving experience. From the layout of the dashboard to the sleeper design, 2018 Cascadia drivers will feel the modern luxury of these redesigned semi-trucks. Daimler partnered with the Boeing plane interior designer, Teague, to create a seamless and efficient interior.



The new truck features LED lights, ergonomic amenities, and improved storage capacity. The dashboard accommodates all drivers with adjustable controls and clear, visible display monitors. Onboard, drivers and approved passengers can install a 26-inch television and quality of life appliances, such as a microwave and small refrigerator.

  • A powerful powertrain. The redesigned truck comes with the latest advancements under the hood, including an integrated powertrain, an automated manual transmission, and Intelligent Powertrain Management. GPS-enabled technology improves the total fuel economy.
  • A service optimized layout. When the designers started working on the new Cascadia, they focused on 72 points of interest. During the design phase, master technicians specifically considered ease-of-service improvements. With divided frame rails and better electronic component placement, drivers aren’t the only ones who will benefit from the 2018 model. Everyone who works with the Cascadia should experience usability improvements.
  • Better safety features. LED lights, the one-piece windshield, and a Detroit Assurance 4.0 safety system suite (optional) should contribute to a safer driving experience. The Cascadia underwent testing for hazards including freezing weather, extreme heat, and roadway obstacles. Daimler put the Cascadia through the worst conditions to ensure its real-world safety.
  • Permanent online connectivity. The 2018 Cascadia supports remote diagnostics, fuel efficiency reporting, and safety reporting systems. This truck is the definition of an Internet-of-Things mobile device on a massive scale. Every day, drivers, support technicians, and motor carriers will benefit from this integrated suite of digitalized systems.

With every passing generation, semi-trucks deliver a better driving and maintenance experience. The 2018 Cascadia delivers more of the optimized features drivers need to succeed in the modern trucking industry.


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