Freight Brokers, Customer Service, and Lead Generation

October 26th, 2016 by

Freight brokers are a vital part of our trucking industry. These experts serve as liaisons between carriers and customers, helping arrange deals that keep our commerce running smoothly. Building connections is the most important part of the job. It creates a steady web of services benefitting everyone involved.


It’s only logical that brokers would constantly be on the hunt for new leads. After all, the bigger the network, the easier it’ll be to match prices and performance. So what’s the number one tool successful brokers have? Great customer service.


Why Customer Relations Are Vital to Broker Success

Customers build opinions about a business based on the people that they see and interact with. It doesn’t matter what the rest of the company is like if they deal with someone who is unpleasant. A positive experience, on the other hand, will lead them to believe that the products and services are just as nice as the employees.


This is even truer for freight brokers because their entire livelihood is built on connections. Shippers and carriers must feel like they can trust the agent and that they’re getting the fairest price possible. In most cases, people are more concerned with how they’re treated than the actual service and are willing to overpay slightly if they feel comfortable.


Lead Generation With the Customer in Mind

The right attitude can keep current patrons highly satisfied and bring in new customers. Efficient and experienced freight brokers do both at once. They will:

  • Show personal interest in their customers’ contacts. It’s likely that everyone knows someone who could benefit from a freight broker, but that chance increases if they’re already in a similar industry. A good broker will ask questions and find any potential new contacts, making the customer feel valued and indulged.
  • Mention any referrals at the time of contact. If the freight broker openly shows that they value the opinions of their customers, it’s going to look incredibly good for them. The new contact will also appreciate being recommended by the original customer, helping foster a sense of trust between all parties.
  • Leave an open offer for the referred contact. In many cases, new contacts may not be interested in such services. They could have an existing agreement, lack of need, etc. An effective broker will be courteous and accept the decision but also leave the future open. This shows the customer that the broker is respectful of his or her wishes but still eager to work together.

For freight brokers, connections are king—and utilizing customer service is the best way to build their own brand and business.


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